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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie 4.50 from PaddingtonElspeth McGillicuddy, an old friend of Miss Marple's, witnesses a strangulation murder in a passing train through the window of her coach compartment. When Police Inspector Slack can't find a body along the tracks and doubts the validity of the story, Miss Marple and Elspeth locate the area where the body was probably thrown from the train, the isolated manor house of an aged, cantankerous millionaire, Luther Crackenthorpe. Miss Marple's niece Lucy is recruited to apply for a job on the estate in hopes of locating the corpse. When she finds it in an ancient sarcophagus in an outbuilding housing Egyptian and Etruscan art treasures, the police and Miss Marple are brought in. Obviously someone in the large household is involved, but who?


Joan Hickson as Miss Jane Marple
Juliette Mole as Anna Stravinska
David Beames as Bryan Eastley
Mona Bruce as Mrs. McGillicuddy
Nicholas Blane as Paddington Porter
Katy Jarrett as Mary
Leslie Adams as Desk Sergeant
David Horovitch as Detective Inspector Slack
Ian Brimble as Detective Sergeant Lake
Rhoda Lewis as Mrs. Brogan
Jill Meager as Lucy Eyelesbarrow
Joanna David as Emma Crackenthorpe
Maurice Denham as Luther Crackenthorpe
Andrew Burt as Dr. John Quimper
Pamela Pitchford as Mrs. Kidder
Martyn Friend

Mrs McGillicuddy is the way you see her friend Miss Marple
when she appears outside the train window and see, in an adjacent train, a woman
being strangled by a man. Concerned and questioned by police, asked
Miss Marple to see it. With nothing but mockery of
Detective Inspector Slack, the pair try to locate the place of murder
and, therefore, possible places where the body was dumped. Most
would probably be the reason for the wide Crackenthorpe
farm but can not go wandering around in search of a body. So instead
Marple goes to her niece Lucy Eyelesbarrow for help - to arrive to take
job within the grounds that let you look around.

Although I am more in Columbo's of this world, a pleasant
mystery is a mystery and I thought it would be nice
the opportunity to return to the Miss Marple stories like him told the BBC in the back
in the late 1980. This movie opens well enough with a seemingly impossible murder
to locate much less resolve, but does so gradually.
After the crime actually makes the film drag a bit in the first hour
like to know the characters and Lucy is everything. Once the body is
I hope that in the spring of life a little but not really
and the "facts" and not grab my discoveries
that much interest. The rigidity and the proper approach is fine
and I could not live with it but I liked the way it seemed to infect even
storytelling and delivery. It is delivered slowly and without any
hook to capture the audience and
I must admit that I found myself caring less and less as the movie went on.

The cast are all reasonably well. Hickson was a good Miss Marple and
not his fault that the movie forgets about it for the first hour, and then uses its
restraint for the second. Meager well as Lucy but
is too much to ask, in my opinion, to carry most of the film
itself. The supporting cast is all quite reliable without anyone
marked themselves; Horovitch makes his usual Marple tired of that must be
good results.

a film generally OK, but nothing special. The slowness is not a problem but history
slow and uninvolving mystery means I was not really hooked
at any point - a little weak for a story of mystery. The cast is
everything OK, but the specific nature of the resolution meant that there was
told me that instead of bringing me along. Marple fans probably
but like most viewers will struggle.
The Marple stories - many of them - are lessons in the placement of narrative.
start with the basic notion of the mystery narrator revolver
across multiple realities created in search of what makes sense. Marple
that becomes the concept of intelligent detection as gossip:
constructed realities of small-town busybodies to impose a simple order
by what they hear.

Read this story and see how this plays wonderfully intelligent game. Now
see this movie version and see how this is lost completely clean

Instead, follow the BBC rule of exploitation of interesting and expensive
spaces. Lucy is lovely, but the magic of the mystery is long ido.

Ted's evaluation - 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with
this portion of his life.

Download 4.50 from Paddington
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