Mr. Woodcock

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(comedy, drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Mr. WoodcockTaken aback by his mother's wedding announcement, a young man returns home in an effort to stop her from marrying his old high school gym teacher, a man who made high school hell for generations of students.


Billy Bob Thornton as Jasper Woodcock
Seann William Scott as John Farley
Susan Sarandon as Beverly Farley
Amy Poehler as Maggie Hoffman
Melissa Sagemiller as Tracy
Ethan Suplee as Nedderman
Jacob Davich as Nedderman's Brother
Kyley Baldridge as Young John Farley
Alec George as Young Nedderman
Joseph Michael Sargent as Young Watson
M.C. Gainey as Hal - Barber #1
Brent Briscoe as Barber #2
Dave Kuhr as Bookish Guy
Lisa K. Wyatt as Housewife
Kurt Fuller as Councilman Luke
Craig Gillespie

Mr Woodcock is the kind of film that fears normally go see, a sort of
Meet the Parents rip off in the same vein as recent as
tables and Strangers on Guess Who. To be fair this film betters
both of those considerably, mainly because of the talented cast in
directors reach. Seann William Scott is great for the first time since
American Pie, in a much more subtle role. I expected a lot
after seeing this couple in 1999 and The Dukes of Hazzard and American Wedding
not among them, so you hit the comic notes
perfectly again is very refreshing. Thornton from heavy
success in 2003 with Bad Santa has been making a career of playing weird
(usually means) and as Woodcock is a solid choice that until excavations
several strong laughs. Sarandon is much more than cardboard and ultimately unmemorable in
your paper, you forget the character sometimes, but I suppose
That all wanted script and shes a very good actress to repicador for the
piece. The story is fairly strong and a very good idea for
the most part, the idea should have nerds around the world and rejoicing
cringing in equal amounts. The comedy makes sense when taken lightly
against the premise but it is never too
offensive or dumb. The script has ups and downs in terms of gags, but the general feeling is
pleasantly entertaining. I enjoyed this movie and probably
we suggest that happily picked up on DVD when it hits the summer
sales next year or even give him a lease's initial release.
Susan Sarandon seemed well, in fact, for his great character.
I thought the movie was just fun and entertaining.

I liked the broad humor and the occasional slapstick bit.
In addition, there were some social / philosophical commentary que ha ido
well with the light tone of the film.

Although the 'Cornival' was a little corny, which is the point. John, Mr Woodcock
the nemesis, is seeking a connection to their roots and
finally realized that he was more disconnected from what he thought,
having to change their perspective and their overall
relations with the people who mattered most.

Download Mr. Woodcock
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