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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Three WayLew is a small time loser with a troubled past and a very big secret. Overhearing a couple plan a kidnapping, Lew is tempted to come up with a scheme of his own. He decides to get to the victim first and then blackmail the real criminals. His plan soon spins out of control.


Dominic Purcell as Lewis 'Lew' Brookbank
Joy Bryant as Rita Caswell
Ali Larter as Isobel Delano
Desmond Harrington as Ralph Hagen
Dwight Yoakam as Herbert Claremont/Clarkson
Gina Gershon as Florence DeCroix Hagen
Roxana Zal as Janice Brookbank
Dan Martin as Patrolman
Christian Mills as Bruce Hildred
Jason Sutliff as Cop
Al Israel as Cashier
Marc Allen Lewis as Vanderwall
Scott Ziehl

Three routes is not a menage-a-trois film, although it does cover
just like to see.

has been a good story, good plot and good acting.

The film was marketed in the wrong direction and that is why many people are upset because
are expecting a soft porn film when in fact they
the actual agreement which is a feature film with
a couple of love scenes.

The story is like this,

struggling a man named Lewis Brookbank (Dominic Purcell) has passed a bad
but now wants a good future. He sees an opportunity and is ready to
understand and live with her current love or love the middle name Rita
Caswell (Joy Bryant) of his life. This opportunity appears to have even more
become a nightmare when the plan does not go as planned.

This film has all the right elements for a good film that is a good
story with a good argument to carry it out as well as a director with actors who know what they
are doing.

not wait for a soft porn movie, but a good story on screen.
This really does not seem to be a "soft porn parody" for me. In fact
I do not think the film is bad at all. There were many twists, and I doubt
nobody could have foreseen the end. Not only was his Dwight Yokam
"creepy himself" (he also give a good performance in "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
" starring Tommy Lee Jones), but it was a real
More to the film. The gets better with each role. Despite
Gina Gershon in the movie is only for a few moments
the plot does not revolve around them. And really how long the display must obtain a hostage? The
real fault is that the end really is not fully explained, he had to
back the DVR and listen closely the dialog. Despite
that could be due to the fact that I saw that at 2:00 am

Download Three Way
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