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(action, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie VirtuosityThe Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre (LETAC) has developed SID version 6.7: a Sadistic, Intelligent, and Dangerous virtual reality entity which is synthesized from the personalities of more than 150 serial killers. LETAC would like to train police officers by putting them in VR with SID, but they must prove the concept by using prisoners as test subjects. One such prisoner is ex-cop Parker Barnes. When SID manages to inject his personality into a nano-machine android, it appears that Barnes might be the only one who can stop him.


Denzel Washington as Lt. Parker Barnes
Kelly Lynch as Madison Carter
Russell Crowe as SID 6.7
Stephen Spinella as Lindenmeyer
William Forsythe as William Cochran
Louise Fletcher as Elizabeth Deane
William Fichtner as Wallace
Costas Mandylor as John Donovan
Kevin J. O'Connor as Clyde Reilly
Kaley Cuoco as Karin
Christopher Murray as Matthew Grimes
Heidi Schanz as Sheila 3.2
Traci Lords as Media Zone Singer
Gordon Jennison Noice as Big Red
Mari Morrow as Linda Barnes
Brett Leonard

Still died in the success of the lawnmower Man, director Brett Leonard
followed that film up very quickly and Hideaway with this movie,
another virtual reality shock. Although many have criticized the film for its violence and
Denzel Washington's lackluster performance,
There are still some advantages that can be found here. As director, Leonard
comes a long way from his early films. There is a clear visual flow
here as he starts to get really comfortable with their world that has created
as director. As usual, the technology of this "future" Shake
is a little beyond the reality of the moment. 1999 did not reveal any of
this kind of advancement, but at least the clothes and cars
a little closer to what one would expect.

The virtual world is better done and for now seems more
virtual block the lawnmower Man environments. In this case, the
technology is being used as a training ground for police and
that seems to fit more with what the programmers think they may be able to do.

While Washington is locked, Russell Crowe seems to be taking a lot of fun
playing a serial murderer composed of about 200 other serial murderers.
The rest of the cast does well thanklessly signed with papers.
In fact this film is about Washington and Crowe.

Perhaps with a better script, the film could have been a success. Since
is probably will be better remembered as
movie to see if there is nothing in others.
Virtual Reality gets a look, following in the footsteps of "The Man
lawnmowers. "If you saw" The Matrix "(99) and wonder where you
glimpsed the VR scene years earlier, may have been in this
pic. In this sense, Denzel was briefly running around in a VR world, chasing after
virtual murderer Russell Crowe, known as Sid 6.7 (near
6.66, right?). Sid 6.7 is the latest computer program, a
conglomerate of some 200 serial murderers and mass murderers, etc.
advanced is almost self-conscious. Most of the image is carried out
in the real world, so that Sid 6.7 manages to escape with the help
very advanced nanotechnology. I think it's going to take place
slightly in the future (1999), but from our perspective, is old hat and
square. Everything just seems outdated and old, except
strangely high-tech VR and nanito.

It is also interesting, from the modern perspective, to see an early
role of Crowe, before he hit the A-List. The not have much to play
here. His character does not have the luxury of falling back into
deep psychological reasons for ways murderer, because he is
inhumane. He is simply the latest software as a locomotion
appearance of a human body. It is scheduled to be the way it is -
no choice involved on their part. There was a brief mention of his
program changing once in the real world, but there is no real evidence
it. Once in the real world, is a simple
persecution and destroy mission, with Denzel alone in the city able to stop it.
Denzel, just reaching the A-List a few years earlier, is
standard action hero, driven by a brutal tragedy
before the film begins. The motivations of a few key characters support
suspected, the designer of Sid 6.7, for example, turns out to be almost as
psychotic, but it's hard to believe that nobody noticed this before
(he was influenced by the software?). Fichtner, as a government
aide, has the more thankless role as a bureaucrat idiot. The
child actress playing the daughter of the character of Lynch reached adolescence
bomb roles in television series, the latest being "Charmed."

Download Virtuosity
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