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Download Movie Imagine Me & YouRachel and Heck, long time friends and lovers, finally tie the knot, and during the celebration, Rachel starts a friendship with their florist, Luce. And while Rachel originally intended to match her new friend, Luce, up with her husband's friend, Cooper, she soon finds out that Luce is a lesbian. During the course of their friendship, Rachel starts to question her own sexuality. And though she comes to realize she may have feelings for her new friend, Rachel must decide who she will ultimately find the most happiness with: Heck, her new husband who is also adored by her family, or Luce, who has turned her life and everything she thought she new about love upside down.


Piper Perabo as Rachel
Lena Headey as Luce
Matthew Goode as Heck
Celia Imrie as Tessa
Anthony Head as Ned
Darren Boyd as Cooper
Sue Johnston as Ella
Boo Jackson as H
Sharon Horgan as Beth
Eva Birthistle as Edie
Vinette Robinson as Zina
Ben Miles as Rob
John Thompson as Priest
Mona Hammond as Mrs. Edwards
Rick Warden as Gordon
Ol Parker

"Imagine Me & You" is not your typical love story. It is the story of a
girl named Rachel (Piper Perabo) who is married to his long-term girlfriend
Heck (Matthew Goode). At the wedding ceremony,
Rachel locks eyes with the flower girl Luce (Lena Headey) and
feels something she has never felt before. After the wedding, Rachel invites Luce
over for some dinner to thank him for this wonderful
flower arrangement and help create Heck friend Coop (Darren Boyd)
Luce . Before dinner, Heck asked Luce if she has a husband or a boyfriend
but to the surprise of Heck he discovers that she has neither is indeed
and attracted members of the same sex. Heck shocked by the news, alerts
Rachel. But Rachel seemed uninterested in news and
just want to know why she is so drawn to Luce. Funny and touching moments ensue…

I had the good fortune to be invited to a free choice for this movie.
This is definitely a movie I would have been happy to pay. This
the film is often funny but never over the top. "Imagine Me & You" is undoubtedly one of
breathe fresh air when it comes around the
romantic comedy genre. I think the new twist with homosexual love stories
is helping this genre and allowing a new material to be used again.

I personally really like Piper Perabo. First, I saw at the cinema
"Lost & Delirious," which is a wonderful and beautifully told tale.
After seeing this film, I was blown away from their performance.
But soon after she was not much and kind of started making movies as bad main
"The Cave", but now with "Imagine Me & You" I can say that
Back to where it belongs. Piper Rachel plays the role
was tailor-made for her. His performance is touching and credible.
Matthew Goode also stars as the lovable husband and sensible. Once again I
Matthew Goode liked the first time I saw him in "Chasing Liberty".
Goode has definitely come a long way from "Chasing Liberty" and
has shown himself to be a worthy addition to Hollywood as an actor. The
plays a very likable but caring husband in this movie. He is rather
solid performance and offers some good laughs. Also
Lena Headley is a joy to see on the screen and played his role perfectly.
I really liked all the performances including a number of smaller
functions that I have not mentioned.

I've never heard of Ol Parker before I saw this movie. Mr Parker was
the writer and director for this movie. I personally believe that Mr
Parker has a career ahead of him. The problem is that they will be able to maintain their
films as fresh as this movie? Mr Parker has done a great job
capture the true emotions of the characters and shows how difficult it
has to be something that is not always acceptable to all.
I really liked the director's choice of music as well. The turtles to the final song
really are consistent with the time.

Overall, I would have paid the full price of admission to see this film and
probably will return to the theater and at some point to see again. I think
stories of homosexual love will be a great success and that people feel a little more than someone
accept the election sex. The film is
definitely a good idea film with a unique twist and a lot of
laughs. In the projection, the film had a very good hearing and
loved by the majority. People clapped and stayed until the end of the credits
that does not happen that often. The film made people laugh, mourn, and
general feel good about life. "Imagine Me & You" is definitely a film
I would like to see more of in coming years.

MovieManMenzel the final rating of "Imagine Me & You" is an 8 / 10.
Imagine you and me is best described as delicate. Simply
this movie is about love.

As British romantic comedy, Imagine Me and You always
draw comparisons to films like Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and Funerals
, but the level of reality portrayed in these movies Imagine
front of me and you is one of the major distinctions. Glittery
moments, like the door scene between Keira Knightley and Andrew
LINCON in Love Actually, few
and in the movie, but this is by no means a criticism. The film never lacks any
tenderness, in fact, quite the opposite, because it creates greater
impression of reality because of less ostentatious and cinematography
mise-en scene. Occasionally the film falls into the trap of
who represents americas of an idea very British. The characters are all
upper class Londoners, attractive, well outside jobs successfully.
The male characters are foolish, clumsy, hapless' twits'
but this does not detract from the charm of the film. The film follows

Rachel (Piper Perabo) your boyfriend / husband Heck (Matthew
Goode) and his wedding florist Luce (Lena Heady), which immediately has an impact Rachel
its leader to re-evaluate their seemingly perfect relationship

The film honors the love of different types. The love between
Heck and Rachel, who married at the beginning of the film is disputed or
never questioned, were best friends and this became a very
obvious love and adoration between partner. Rachel loves Heck, but it is not
* * love with him. However, with Luce, Rachel experiences
instant, intense, exciting, passionate, covering all
love on first sight. The fact that Rachel is experimenting with a woman
is not the issue, but rather that the first time that Rachel Luce catches the eye
is on his way down the aisle.

Unlike other films of the same gender, are well developed
characters and multi-layered. The comedy is a typical example of foot in mouth humor, and
a fool of the line, but comes with impeccable timing
majority of parents. (Anthony Head played an excellent aged between Hugh Grant and Celia Imrie
character is wonderful as Prim and proper, strong mother.)
Other performances are subtle, with all the tenderness, heartbreak,
humor, intensity and confusion that the script
question of the performers.

Imagine Me and You has high production values, is written and directed with care and sensitivity
truth is no more thinking, more polished,
or softened and is refreshing a representation of modern love.

But, of course, the most important thing for a British audience - Piper Perabo
's accent is remarkably good.

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