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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie The Band's VisitA band comprised of members of the Egyptian police force head to Israel to play at the inaugural ceremony of an Arab arts center, only to find themselves lost in the wrong town.


Saleh Bakri as Haled
Sasson Gabai as Tawfiq
Uri Gavriel as Avrum
Imad Jabarin as Camal
Rubi Moskovitz as Itzik
Khalifa Natour as Simon
Eyad Sheety as
Ronit Elkabetz as Dina
Ahuva Keren as
Rinat Matatov as
Hilla Sarjon as
Eran Kolirin

Eran Kolirin is a name to watch out for. This is simply
brilliant filmmaker. In the banda of the visit he tells a story quite simple, but not
without throwing a trick here and there and believe me, he is not a trick horse
. Actor performances are subdued and very truthful to the film
unpersued dreams of a story that goes straight to the heart. It
warm melancholy mood is never heavy or painful because it countered
so wittily with scenes that make you smile from ear to ear. On top of all
there were so chosen music, photography and honest intelligent camera
direction. La banda tells the visit of a classic mix, but never
without being cheap.
A fully uniformed Egyptian police banda arrives in Israel to perform in
the opening ceremony of a new Cultural Center Arabic, but nobody appears
to meet with them at the airport. Lonely and tired, just
taking the wrong bus, which ended in Bet Hatikvah, a lonely outpost in the Negev
that, as one of its residents, not only has no
cultural center, but has no culture. Unable to get transport
until the next morning, the banda undertakes to spend the night at a local restaurant
led by Dina (Ronit Elkabetz), a free spirit, but lonely
Restorer of Israel yearning for company.

Eran Kolirin a banda's visit is the story of small
connections that bring people together. The report submitted by Israel as Best Foreign Film at the Oscars
(rejected because much of its dialogue is in English),
is about what some of us have lost in modern society - the ability to < br> reach across cultural, political and language barriers to connect with
humans. During the night, Israelis and Egyptians
approach it tentatively and gradually,
staid Egyptians opened their Israeli hosts, find some common points
ground in an apparent Spontaneous delivery table
George Gershwin "Summertime".

When the two groups are beginning to know each other, they find that
below the language and cultural differences are simply people -
full of joy and sadness, friendship and loneliness, connection and
loss. Tewfiq (Gabal Sasson), the driver of the Alexandria Police Ceremonial
Orchestra, is formal and rigid in their behavior, but is capable of
strike up a friendship with Dina (Ronit Elkabetz). After some awkward silences
, the driver of melancholy reveals details of the tragic loss of
his family and how he feels he is guilty. Another group member,
Khaled (Saleh Bakri) decides to accompany local Papi (Shlomi Avraham)
and his date at a roller skating rink. In one memorable scene, Khaled
offers the socially backward Papi some instructions about their courtship
shy friend.

In another sequence in motion, a member of the group Simon (kalifa Natour)
plays a beautiful but unfinished composition of the Clarinet Itzik (
Rubi Moscovich) that tells you that you should put end to the piece, not a showy display
traditional, but with what exists for him at this time,
"not sad, not cheerful, a small room, a lamp, a bed, a child sleeping, and
tons of loneliness. "una banda's visit is a film about Israelis and Arabs
but without the usual scenario of border disputes, the peace process,
or religious division, even avoiding the clich├ęs about how music is a
universal language. It is a small movie, but wise in his understated
representation of the common humanity of the bonds at a slow pace but held together with
a delicate charm.

Download Band's Visit, The
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