Saving Sarah Cain

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(drama, family)
Download Movie Saving Sarah CainWhen Sarah Cain, a self-involved big-city newspaper columnist, travels to Pennsylvania for the funeral of her Amish sister, she soon discovers that she is the legal guardian of her five Amish nieces and nephews. Rather than choose to move to Lancaster County to finish raising them there herself, or let them be separated by the foster care system, Sarah decides to take them with her back to Portland where she believes she can make a new life for them. However, she soon realizes that the modern world has forced them to compromise who they are, and that she has moved them there for all the wrong reasons - a motive which is soon exposed - because secrets can really never be kept secret. In order to find her own redemption, she knows she must make a choice to give them back their lives in Amish Country. And whether she remains part of their lives will have a lot to do with how much she has grown to love them.


Lisa Pepper as Sarah Cain
Abigail Mason as Lyddie
Soren Fulton as Caleb
Elliott Gould as Bill
Danielle Chuchran as Anna Mae
Tanner Maguire as Josiah
Tess Harper as MIriam
Bailee Madison as Hannah
Tom Tate as Bryan
Jennifer O'Dell as Madison Miller
Phil Abrams as Eberly
David Clennon as Homeless Man
Tod Huntington as Officer 1
Caitlin E.J. Meyer as Courtney
Steve Anderson as Principal
Michael Landon Jr.

This is one not to be missed. The writing is brilliant, the acting
perfect tone and the direction of Michael Landon Jr.
reminds me why I loved films of his father. Cultural barriers are so well managed but
presented with loving care that makes you appreciate, or
should appreciate the differences of all of us. I lived in Amish country
for 17 years and came to love the simple, honest life of these people.
And although there are differences, we all have the same hopes and desires
, love and compassion as human beings, no matter what our
exterior looks like. My hat is off to everybody for that movement
production. No spoilers here, only to see the film. He was not disappointed
Michael Landon Jr. comes with another one of his sappy, unlikely
and totally predictable movie. The acting by the entire cast (except
Elliott Gould), is wooden and not at all convincing. More
sentimental and full of cliches. It is supposed to be a "feel good" movie, but
but becomes a "feeling nausea" movie. The screenplay is not written
with any feeling of living in the real world. The way people talk,
their situations are completely formed by the director's vision
Landon is the real people are like. The seemingly has no clue about how people
are in the real world. Diabetics care! This sugar-coated concoction
could be fatal!

Download Saving Sarah Cain
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