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Download Movie SeabiscuitIn an era when Americans were in great need of heroic figures to help them forget their troubles, SEABISCUIT comes to the rescue. The picture relates a moving story of friendship and devotion in rehabilitating the main characters'fractured lives, as it interweaves the interactions between horse, jockey, trainer and owner and their adoring fans. The film accurately portrays the real people and events of those troubled times and how Seabiscuit "fixed us, every one of us."


David McCullough as Narrator
Jeff Bridges as Charles Howard
Paul Vincent O'Connor as Bicycle Supervisor
Chris Cooper as Tom Smith
Michael Ensign as Steamer Owner
James Keane as Car Customer
Valerie Mahaffey as Annie Howard
David Doty as Land Broker
Carl M. Craig as Sam
Michael O'Neill as Mr. Pollard
Annie Corley as Mrs. Pollard
Michael Angarano as Young Red Pollard
Cameron Bowen as Pollard Child
Noah Luke as Pollard Child
Mariah Bess as Pollard Child
Gary Ross

Excellent sports drama about the intense relationship between a jockey and his horse
. I loved this movie, but the fact that se basa en una
true story makes it even better. If "Seabiscuit" was not based on true events
, this movie would have seemed another classic Disney movie.
Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this type of film,
but what bothers me is usually the fact that they are so incredible
and predictable.

Tobey Maguire gives an excellent performance as Red Pollard, the young
but very talented rider. Many other great performances in this film
the always enjoyable Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper outstanding
(Adaptation.) and the beautiful Elizabeth Banks (Spiderman)
Bridges played second wife. Although this second

Gary Ross of the film is less my kind of movie that
"Pleasentville" I really enjoyed watching. He is an excellent director and scriptwriter
outstanding. Since then,
want to see more of his work. Commendable enjoyable movie and sports. Not exactly
an intense and gripping drama, but it's worth seeing! 7.5 / 10
A fabulous film! It offers credibility to the old saying that "if there is

a will, there is a way '. It is a great reminder that there have been people -

of yesteryear - which had been brave and courageous to accept the underdogs
heartfelt benevolence.

As a film, revolves around the inspiring story of Seabiscuit,
works well. It connects the cultural icon with the ways of life of three men from different social positions
, leading me through a joint venture travel

tragedies and jubilation, risks, disappointments and exuberance. It shows how these
man and beast overcome incredible difficulties to achieve their goals. The union
the quartet is beautifully captured in this movie. Watching the horse
transformed into a winner is as aesthetically beautiful as
see 'Cinderella' transformed into a beauty of its three "fairy godmothers."

This film is a story that salutes the American dream.

This adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand's book, unfortunately, not omit a
much of the interesting biography of the trio accounts of life and

impressions of the historical nation was between 1903-1940. But
Director Gary Ross (careful with his cameo appearance)
gives us enough background to the life of Charles Howard, Jim Smith and Red Pollard
to justify how the trio becomes ultimately participating in the life of

Seabiscuit. The small bay spirit is first introduced as a foal, and Red

as a young boy, ultimately, both separated from their parents, and both
subjecting viewers never to forget his legs and twisted his
predisposition for indolence! Curiously, the film shows many similarities
, traits and circumstances, between Seabiscuit and Red.

Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper and Toby Maguire are impressive in their roles. They are convincing
sources to what is meant by perseverance and triumph. William H.

Macy means' tick-Tock "through various scenes to provide the comic relief

The film is full of charm and beauty appeal dramatically, however,
has not
not to expose the brutality of horse racing.
although Seabiscuit's glory had distracted million outside the political, social and economic ills
of his time. The visual for the story of the historical epoch
are wonderfully detailed, creating a sense of realism for the period, the
characters and events. The election of Randy Newman's music scores helps build
viewers emotions especially in the race scenes.

Seabiscuit is a winner!


Download Seabiscuit
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