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(adventure, biography, drama, war)
Download Movie Casualties of WarDuring the Vietnam war, a girl is taken from her village by five American soldiers. Four of the soldiers rape her, but the fifth refuses. The young girl is killed. The fifth soldier is determined that justice will be done. The film is more about the realities of war, rather than this single event.


Michael J. Fox as PFC. Eriksson
Sean Penn as Sgt. Tony Meserve
Don Harvey as Cpl. Thomas E. Clark
John C. Reilly as PFC. Herbert Hatcher
John Leguizamo as PFC. Antonio Diaz
Thuy Thu Le as Tran Thi Oanh/Girl on Train
Erik King as Cpl. Brown
Jack Gwaltney as PFC. Rowan
Ving Rhames as Lt. Reilly
Dan Martin as Hawthorne
Dale Dye as Capt. Hill
Steve Larson as Agent #1
John Linton as Agent #2
Vyto Ruginis as Prosecutor
Al Shannon as Wilkins
Brian De Palma

The leader of a small bunch (Sean Penn) kidnaps an innocent Vietnamese girl
(which plans to use her as a prostitute), over the objections of
one of the soldiers (Michael J. Fox ).
I've never been able to find out why this movie has never received much attention. This
se basa in an incident which (allegedly) took place during the Vietnam conflict
, and later was reported "The New Yorker." I have no idea
How accurate is the movie (I'm sure that the film takes more than a few liberties with the facts
), but the truth is that this film is an emotional power
. The film is not perfect (for example, the role of Fox
is too good to be true), but this is a De Palma film, so that people
familiar with his work know that De Palma movies are known for a
incredible sense of style, rather than a strong narrative. From a technical standpoint
standpoint, this is a shining example of the director of
surprising command of the film medium. I believe that De Palma is one of the great directors
americas, and many of his films (Sisters, Blow Out, etc.) are
in desperate need of reassessment (yes, I am a fan boy!). This is not
one of his masterpieces, but it's something he should be proud of. The
the film has a very anti-war messages, but the content should not distract
the able manner in which this film is presented. Stephen H. Buruma
the camera work is great, and Ennio Morricone's music score
magnificent. A little too graphic, but an absorbing and rewarding movie experience
The strange thing about this movie is that it could have taken place with any
fund. War, campus, neighborhood gangs. The real plot is

on the effects of rape and murder in the good guy and the bad guys. The
Vietnam War just happens to be where it really took place, so they're

entered in this harsh world of sudden violence, if not sudden death. Fox is a novice soldier
Penn join the squad. Penn kind of casually mentioned that
're gonna find themselves a girl to "keep the morale" while in
his trip. This is abducting a young girl from the farm of his
villiage in the middle of the night, is not affected in the slightest by the girl's mother
hysterical. Each man (is a group of 5) is different
Riley as the dumb "agree with anything" soldier who does exactly
Harvey, in a magnificent performance wacko, loves The idea, and Leguizamo
Fox objected. But Leguizamo, feeling the equivalent of peer pressure teenagers, not Fox
ago when the two want to get closer to Penn about his antics. Tan
Fox is left in an uncomfortable situation in the rest of his stay in the field with
his squad. There are, of course, a confrontation, in a scenario drawn out, where

toughies Penn Harvey and accuse him of being gay and not make the enemy
what they deserve. This is the kernel of the film's impact, as it fights,
the girl is raped, and then Penn requires that Fox kill her!
When she gets sick, their fears Penn cough can give away its posistion, so
Berat Fox to stab her. He refused, and in the ensuing argument, the girl
tries to escape, which ends leading to a chaotic scene in which she
reaches a slow and painful death. The rest of the film deals with Fox
try to draw attention to what happened to mostly deaf and incompotent
superiors. This brief summary, however, barely scratch the surface of the
scenes of great emotional burden that experience in the film.

There are many sad moments even before the girl is introduced. And then the anguish of hearing
when we think that maybe these men get away with what they did. The key to
the impact is, of course, the performances. Penn is his habit out of

self-control, you can feel bad, see how that is dedicated
soldier and decent man, even before the kidnapping. An undervalued and

barely knows Don Harvey, I think that something always outshine Penn with his angry, afraid
corporal whose dark eyes and scowl Contant
give a big intimidation factor. Riley makes rolled his eyes with his convincing
MORON, a guy that baffles why he had come into the army, with its apparent
IQ is below 40. Leguizamo you try to forgive, because of how the
fear of being attacked verbally or physically by their partners. You

I understand your dilemma. We, as girls, as expected
has little to say, but
in their facial expressions, shows us the fear and terror that
enough to jar us. And as far as Fox is concerned, a perfect performance and

election so that he shows his dramatic side. He did so often in "Family Ties"
and a pair of bombs film (ie, "Light of Day," "Bright Lights, Big

City"), but these works are not nearly powerful approach to reach this
exhibition of films. And he puts his dramatic talent in full blast, showing
mental exhaustion as well, of the disturbing events that lived.
This is a big key to his career when he decided to take this. Some might say
how we can make entertainment the violation, but by a scene from
is only 2 minutes, with the real story here of how people manage
in crisis. The only bad steps are sometimes too
violin-ey score, getting a bit too weepy here and there.
And also the fact that despite Fox is the good boy of the film, never find out

your name! But there are also many moments of hard blows to
sink realism, with the best highlight is the strong acting.

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