Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World

Download Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World
(comedy, family, fantasy, sci-fi)
Download Movie Digby, the Biggest Dog in the WorldDigby consumes a bowl of Project X, a liquid growth formula. Soon, he becomes a sheepdog of gigantic size!


Jim Dale as Jeff Eldon
Spike Milligan as Dr. Harz
Angela Douglas as Janine
John Bluthal as Jerry
Norman Rossington as Tom
Milo O'Shea as Dr. Jameson
Richard Beaumont as Billy White
Dinsdale Landen as Colonel Masters
Garfield Morgan as Rogerson
Victor Spinetti as Professor Ribart
Harry Towb as Ringmaster
Kenneth J. Warren as General Frank
Bob Todd as The Great Manzini
Margaret Stuart as Assistant
Molly Urquhart as Aunt Ina
Joseph McGrath

Digby is not just another dog movie, but it's so out of sync
that could only work for some cult film crowd. So far, not many can top the
KILLER tomatoes for the most successful example of a film that lives
without a plot. This is a very, very close! So close that even the humongous
Digby is lost in the center during most of the time

The comedy relief is very groovy, but has a special charm to make this a
almost appropriate "family" outing .... except for a couple of pieces that are not
to the "G", including the presence of a girl rabbit! (Yes, a
bunny girl!) In the event that all sounds groovy, then no matter whether
to enjoy this warped by experience-by-step of Children and Family
TV program! The absurdity is leaving cracked, and ridiculous enough to actually
make children feel safe fun. Then, the hippies who have seen this
in the theater have been called the "Groovy!".

Oh, I forgot to mention Digby? After all, became "the biggest dog in the world
"! It is frankly funny to see a sheepdog tear in the screen
giant proportions. The images seem fairly clean, at times, and
other times, which is sticky. I bet the youngest children were excited by the
fascination of things, but who wrote the screenplay for this movie for children
(based on a book, incidentally) was probably fired from
start. Or perhaps the director, have left the police pursued a speeding car?
But when all is said and done, laughter without meaning it's worth the price of admission

Now, if you're a fan with the desire of the rarest films, I have provided to the IMDb
handfuls of these comments about what they probably had short runs in the
theater. Digby is a special election for his collection, and a
a commonly overlooked. And by Golly, if you have to rent! I just hope
their children to accept the pain and agony that is going to come out of this wacko
comedy. The family 70s has never been this Groovy!
simply the best comedy on both sides of the Atlantic
i have never seen a dog as a central character.
seems fashionable in the moment with what all the 'buds of breath films that come out
year after year, but this is where it all began. Jim Dale is simply brilliant comic
as his usual hapless self, much better than his Dr urination in the transfer
in films, because the burden more to do and show their talent in
many memorable scenes, including where a legendary
faints at the size of the dog's Digby cup! amazing.
Have not seen this movie some years, I have little to hold a copy of a supermarket
to negotiate an unbelievable price basket and is the best money I've spent
. I've given out to all my friends and family
and we all agree that this is a truly magical film for all ages and most
definitely a must see for everyone who likes to laugh at the dogs.

Download Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World
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