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(drama, romance)
Download Movie The Sleeping DictionaryIn 1936, the expatriated young and naive just-graduated British John Truscott (Hugh Dancy) arrives to the Sarawak, a British colony, to work in the Iban society. The beautiful Selima (Jessica Alba) is assigned to be his "sleeping dictionary", to live and sleep with him and teach him the language and habits of the locals. The reluctant John and Selima fall in love for each other in a forbidden romance.


Jessica Alba as Selima
Brenda Blethyn as Aggie
Hugh Dancy as John Truscott
Bob Hoskins as Henry
Christopher Ling Lee Ian as Jasmine
Junix Inocian as Famous
Michael Jessing Langgi as Melaka
Mano Maniam as Policeman
K.K. Moggie as Tipong
Emily Mortimer as Cecil
Cicilia Anak Richard as Jester Woman
Malcolm Rogers as Vicar
Eugene Salleh as Belansai
Noah Taylor as Neville
Kate Helen White as Mandar
Guy Jenkin

Spoilers ahead:

Firstly, I liked the general concept for this movie. The idea of a young British
fall in love with a young native of a British colony
certainly is not original, but has not been too well. In addition

I expected a picture of life in the British colonies at that time
(especially social interaction among
British colonial rulers and the native population) and, of course , Jessica Alba.

Well, mainly for those interested in the latest: Yes, your character
has scenes of nudity, but obviously are not made by Jessica Alba.
Speaking of the following: In my opinion, dual body even fit
Jessica's "size", but could have done much better at this time.

As I said at the beginning, I liked this movie premise, but the execution
approaching the worst thing that could have done it.

First: The film is split. While this does not have to be
necessarily bad, every fraction has its own climax little while
hay nowhere main highlight at the hearing. Even that could work, if these small
climax 'do their job, unfortunately do not. That is mainly because the film
not spend the time to develop them, but rushes to a climax
do to start another.

For example: John's "I do not want to have sex unmarried"-dance at the same beginning
(perhaps lasted 5 minutes and was resolved by pure horniness), its
Trip to the jungle people die ( "oh look, is due to poisoning, let's say
and go home"), the matter of John the first exit Sarawak
its relationship with his wife, attempted murder and death after trial, Henry's relationship to
Selima, (and so on and so forth). Everything looks flat,
rushed and underdeveloped. For

not obvious who made a plot-driven cinema history of a people. That
can not work. The final concludes this great measure, which could practically hear the director of
thought: "Oh, well, we have 2 minutes and some budget left.
Let's bring in the bad guy with a gun. "

On the pro-native / British relations are good quiet, and
not all characters are stereotypical, I particularly enjoyed the role of Cecil
for the case. The film could have been worse, but never arrived
the potential certainly was. I rank Simon Boswell's Result
slightly but definitely above average. Speaking of Jessica Alba's performance, as follows:
Their role consists mainly of walking around and looking pretty, which caused no injuries and
if you've seen his "Idle Hands", worth

At the end I saw a film whose creators could not fill the (very strong) plot
with life. That is particularly sad because I could have been a great
I watched the film after reading the comments made by others i
here and say that I have enjoyed thoroughly, even if i am, outward,
perfect example of emotionally repressed men.

First, it is not going to win Oscars for nothing, but actually
really is not the point at all and nor should it be. It is a soft, almost passive
, love story that focuses on the characters on the uses, but
their respective background and constraints of their society
expectations as a character in its own right. All at a time and place
sufficiently remote to suspend disbelief, but close enough to
allow the viewer to relate to.

is well written, directed, filmed and acted with actors
deliver more than enough that the proceedings are sufficient to
really care what happens to them.

To repressed men, like myself who is considering seeing this film
from the obligation to his girlfriend, was not discouraged you
probably enjoy it more if it allows you to . If nothing else
the lovely Jessica Alba continues to enchant the audience with nothing but male
screen presence and some scenes of their lack of clothing.

For women and men not repressed, I recommend this movie to you, not as
classic, but a sweet, charming and humorous love story. You
no doubt see the film only once, but then repeated viewings
add little.

is what it is and nothing else, but for a movie of this type that
everything that should be and that's all it tries to be.

For this reason, and this just gave me this movie 9 / 10 to
achieved what they have been established for achieving

Download Sleeping Dictionary, The
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