30 Days of Night

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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie 30 Days of NightThis is the story of an isolated Alaskan town that is plunged into darkness for a month each year when the sun sinks below the horizon. As the last rays of light fade, the town is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires bent on an uninterrupted orgy of destruction. Only the small town's husband-and-wife Sheriff team stand between the survivors and certain destruction.


Josh Hartnett as Sheriff Eben Oleson
Danny Huston as Marlow
Melissa George as Stella Oleson
Ben Foster as The Stranger
Mark Boone Junior as Beau Brower
Mark Rendall as Jake Oleson
Amber Sainsbury as Denise
Manu Bennett as Deputy Billy Kitka
Megan Franich as Iris
Joel Tobeck as Doug Hertz
Elizabeth Hawthorne as Lucy Ikos
Nathaniel Lees as Carter Davies
Craig Hall as Wilson Bulosan
Chic Littlewood as Issac Bulosan
Peter Feeney as John Riis
David Slade

************ It may contain spoilers (which have been warned )*************
Well, getting started in the first place would be the fact that the film seemed rushed
not put much thought into the real story at all, the vampires seem
the worst form of vampire you might think
... of not being able to find about 30 to 40 people in a city that is
intended to be extremely small (about 40 houses) and then add this to the fact
a blizzard that seems to be able to stop them, but not a normal group of the Human
? the scene with the UV light is so poorly designed that
just became another "plan" that the group had done so they can
... escape problem is that in reality does not kill any
vampires ... only burns the skin of a ... who is murdered by the
leader ...

the screams of the vampires ... Why in the hell do not have to shout?
and by how much, I do not mind an occasional growl / scream of a
vampire, but it appears to be screaming for no reason at all ...

and one of the biggest things wrong with this movie is the fact that,
vampires seem to turn people just by biting them ... That certainly
Zombie / Werewolf mark that seemed more like a
... that the infection was not part of the story ...

and for the love of God .... what the hell are you inject someone else
blood on his own ... the best thing that could happen is that you
not catch anything ... but no, this is a movie ... and must be
that blood is magical, and turn it into a Super
Vampire ... Yes ... what works well ...

why a group of vampires standing around and see that their leader
beaten without getting involved? Why say you're using your
as bait "and then you get out of perfectly good place to hide
see the girl being beaten to death? Why do you need a
his trip to the house of Grand just to see if the UV lights at work
Vampires ... and then not bother to use that information later? and ...
exactly what happened to Grandma? ... I thought it was OK facts, "is
a walkie talkie") avoid this movie if you're expecting a good vampire
history, but there are some points: 2 in reality ... The truck is really good
(if only on screen for about a minute, which
Head Cut close to the final scene is probably the best effect ever used.

"30 Days of Night" is a very welcome addition to the ranks of vampire movies
. This is strictly a horror for the fans, not for DOILY is covered
gender-confused romantic dreams of third-degree hickies quite
mud lovers in New Orleans.

The fun begins in the first frame, courtesy of the evocative scene, a
Snowbound city in the far north of America. The only iffy moment
comes with the introduction of Josh Hartnett as a sheriff in town.
Young and handsome film star, who threatened to quit as incredible, like
Sheriff Ben Affleck in "Phantoms." Hartnett, however, despite his youth
years, has a weight that comes out of this feature, and director David Slade
is masterly performances of all actors in the fine
in this movie.

scrumptiously Melissa George is beautiful. (His mouth is so beautiful that
should be patented.) She is also an excellent actress, who
horror fans should remember the recent (and highly recommended) remake of The Amityville Horror
. With her endearing little girl's face and a great talent for playing
directly under the most fantastic of circumstances,
it is pleasant, sympathetic and totally believable in this role.

What really sets this film apart, however, is its portrayal of the
vampires. Someone obviously boned in ancient legends of vampires,
because these are the most authentic vampire movie from Boris Karloff's
"wurdalak" Mario Bava in the "Black Saturday" 40 years ago.

speak in a strange language of Eastern Europe (in Romanian? Or Hungarian?)
these creatures bear the remains of human personalities, but they are purely evil
; cunning and ferocious and blood-stained, like vampires were before
Bram Stoker introduced the "new improved" (ie, disinfected) from Victoria
model Anne Rice and G├╝ssi even more.

Fans of Kathryn Bigelow of "Near Dark" and John Carpenter of "vampires"
will appreciate the high action and Body Count. The story is a little
thinner than either of those two movies (based on a comic book,
after all) but it is very atmospheric and suspenseful, with excellent production around
All values.

The visual EFX is topnotch, especially when they are subtle, such as adding your
snowflakes magical glow on the scene. The special makeup
EFX (blood and guts and others) is completely credible, but apart from a few
graphic images and a lot of blood spilled in the snow, are not as overwhelming as some
those too squeamish reviewers have said.

The cinematography is beautiful, and is reinforced by
seamlessly integrated visual effects noted above.

If you're in the mood for a very good pace, well-produced, superbly
directed the film that will satisfy their craving for a dose of horror
, you can not go wrong with this.

Download 30 Days of Night
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