Blue Murder at St. Trinian's

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Download Movie Blue Murder at St. Trinian'sThe headmistress of St Trinian's is jailed, and to try and keep order, the army and the police are called in, they don't stand a chance. This time the hellcats of St. Trinian's want to get to Italy where a rich playboy wants to select one of them as his wife (little does he know what he's letting himself in for). To get to Italy in term time they have to win an essay writing competition, it's easy when you know how. In Europe they run amok and become involved in jewel theft and their normal brand of chaos.


Terry-Thomas as Captain Romney Carlton-Ricketts
George Cole as 'Flash' Harry
Joyce Grenfell as Sergeant Ruby Gates
Alastair Sim as Miss Amelia Fritton
Sabrina as Virginia
Lionel Jeffries as Joe Mangan
Lloyd Lamble as Superintendent Samuel Kemp-Bird
Raymond Rollett as Chief Constable
Terry Scott as Police sergeant
Ferdy Mayne as Italian police inspector
Thorley Walters as Major
Cyril Chamberlain as Captain
Ronald Ibbs as Lieutenant
Judith Furse as Dame Maud Hackshaw
Michael Ripper as Liftman
Frank Launder

"The Beaux of St Trini" was a hard act to follow, so it is not surprising that
this movie does not even try. In addition to brief top and tail of
appearances Alistair Sim as Miss Fritton, is left to
character actor Lionel Jeffries to take the mantle of lead and girls
in glory, that is, in George Cole Marriage table trying to find a mate
by a foreign prince in Rome.

familiar faces are back - Joyce Grenfell, Richard Wattis - along with
Terry-Thomas, Terry Scott, Kenneth Griffith, and other great names of the
1950 comedy scene. Girls are as rampant as ever, and there is a
nice turn as Dame Judith Furze Maud, the unfortunate replacement
head of the worst school girls in the world! 'Blue Murder at St
Trini flags, sometimes, but some bits are extremely funny, and a
can sympathize with the Ministry of Education and its need to appease
In the days before political correctness reared its ugly head,
children were girls and boys and girls, and ne'er must meet Twain - except
St Trini is where girls were male, at least in its
behavior, and the big girls were rather pretty, in the case of Sabrina
voluptuous. The main characters are all well drawn with a splendid cast
and support all very British. Alastair Sim is perfect as the
director, George Cole was the Cockney Geezer, the Joyce Grenfell
never rejected police, while Eric Brown and Barker as Culpepper
Richard Bassett Wattis were truly magnificent as the archetype of education
ministers. As for Terry-Thomas - well? Even a coach driver can be
elegant in those days! Stiff upper lip so that even with St Trini
on the board. All good clean fun that the family had been attending the hearings
cinema. What a pity that do not show films of this kind in more
television, as they beat the modern space for the trash
entertainment value.

Download Blue Murder at St. Trinian's
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