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(adventure, biography, comedy, crime, drama, romance)
Download Movie BusterBuster is a small time crook who pulls a big time job. When he finds that the police will not let the case drop, he goes into hiding and can't contact his wife and child. He arranges to meet them in Mexico where he thinks they can begin again, but finds that he must choose between his family and freedom.


Phil Collins as Buster Edwards
Julie Walters as June Edwards
Larry Lamb as Bruce Reynolds
Stephanie Lawrence as Franny Reynolds
Ellie Beaven as Nicky Edwards
Michael Attwell as Harry
Ralph Brown as Ronny Biggs
Christopher Ellison as George
Sheila Hancock as Mrs. Rothery
Martin Jarvis as Inspector Jack Mitchell
Clive Wood as Sergeant Chalmers
Anthony Quayle as Sir James McDowell
Michael Byrne as Poyser
Harold Innocent as Justice Parry
Rupert Vansittart as Fairclough
David Green

I think Buster is a great movie. Phil Collins and Julie Walters are
great. Just seen the movie for the first time this week
and I enjoyed it and I will never get on board with it. I thought it was a great
when he was running about with the dummy so that he could have the suite
for a funeral that turned up late and then stole the
flowers. I think we picked the right man to play Buster Edwards and
the right of women to pay Edwards in June. After everything that had bothered
and then got sent down for 15 years was still about that dream that
stopped Mexico sunny cold fog and dirty, from London and
for his family and he has done a happy ending. He broke the law, but he was a thief
Well, the police did manage to make it stick without the poppy, very little
never recovered, but still a few big-time and a lot of small
crims time I have a lot of birds dished to small them.Of time crims
Buster Edwards has become a legend thanks to the vulgar laughable
hagiographic film "Buster", a contender for anyone on the list to worsen.
The big time guys, Roy "The Weasel" James, Douglas "Checker" Goody, Bruce Reynolds
captured the headlines, as lesser lights Edwards and Biggs
Swank reflected in their glory . Scythed Time has in most of the thieves
trains, but is dressing to point out that it had killed Jack Mills
within one year and one day of its savage attack on him one or more of
They might well have been hanged in accordance with the law in which
time. Buster Edwards was nothing like Phil Collins.He
was a thief who had stolen the costume of your back (or on the extent of dummy).
Robin Hood was not. His wife June surely can not have been so grotesque
Julie Walters as she does, a Victoria Beckham for the sixties.
In Mexico is hot, not like the elephant at all ....... There is a surprise. As I understand
that Mrs. Edwards was right in front of the queue when we
out.After was handed his initial joy I am sure she felt
to see what a stupid woman Miss Walters has become his.
Must have been difficult for Buster lying there in the sun during that time
while all cups in Blighty we were breaking away to win a
living.My heart bleeds. Therefore, a career thug devoted
is activated by a popular singer in a cheeky Chirpy cockney Geezer wot
loves his family and no means any person of any right harm.Yeah. Add a few wishy - washy
songs and has a decidedly murky sanitized, trivialized
their offense and treated him as if he was a mischievous puppy.Mix
in a few false arguments about the penalties excessive, the
government interference with the judiciary, and so has the British film industry's
considered taking on one of the most notorious crimes of the 20th
century.Risible done.

Download Buster
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