The House of Fear

Download House of Fear, The
(crime, horror, mystery)
Download Movie The House of FearIn a gloomy mansion in the west of Scotland the seven members of the Good Comrades Club are dining. One of them receives a curious death threat, an envelope containing seven orange pips. He dies the next night in a car crash. At his funeral another member receives an envelope with six pips, and ten days later his body is recovered from the sea. Sherlock Holmes is called in.


Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Bruce as Dr. John H. Watson
Aubrey Mather as Bruce Alastair
Dennis Hoey as Inspector Lestrade
Paul Cavanagh as Dr. Simon Merivale
Holmes Herbert as Alan Cosgrave
Harry Cording as Captain John Simpson
Sally Shepherd as Mrs. Monteith
Gavin Muir as Mr. Chalmers
Florette Hillier as Alison MacGregor
David Clyde as Alex MacGregor
Richard Alexander as Ralph King
Wilson Benge as Guy Davies
Hobart Cavanaugh as Bit Part
Alec Craig as Fisherman Angus
Roy William Neill

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