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(drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie SolsticeA young girl uncovers a disturbing secret about her twin sister, who committed suicide just a few months before.


Elisabeth Harnois as Megan/Sofie
Shawn Ashmore as Christian
Tyler Hoechlin as Nick
Amanda Seyfried as Zoe
Matt O'Leary as Mark
Hilarie Burton as Alicia
R. Lee Ermey as Leonard
Jenna Hildebrand as Malin
Lyle Brocato as Partier
David Dahlgren as Mr. Thomsen
Jacob Hamil as Party Host
Cliff Johnson as Cemetary Visitor
Mark Krasnoff as Cop
Gary Michael Smith as Sheriff
Lisa Arnold as Mrs. Thomsen
Daniel Myrick

I am very surprised that it is not mentioned that Solstice is a remake of
"Midsommer" (a Norwegian-Swedish horror / drama / thriller from 2003)
I have seen both films and the plot is almost identical. Of course, the details
is something different, but overall, this is definitely the most
same story. The Norwegian / Swedish history (be added), it is better
(as did the theaters). Solstice offers no surprises and
parts of the story was really convenient (especially the thought of
one of the characters, if you see the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about).
If you have not seen "Midsommer" and then, I recommend you to see for the first time
(if you can) before "Solstice".
Six months after the suicide of her twin sister Sofie (
Elisabeth Harnois), Megan (Elisabeth Harnois) still mourns his death and
loses his beloved sister. In the Saint John's Eve, Megan travels with her friends
Christian (Shawn Ashmore), Zoe (Amanda Seyfried), Mark (Matt O'Leary
) and Alicia (Hilarie Burton) to your family's home in Nowell
Lake, Louisiana, to celebrate the summer Solstice. While shopping
supplies at a local store, Megan befriends Nick with the seller (
Tyler Hoechlin) and buy a magazine with an article about communication with the dead
at the summer Solstice The time of year when there
the longest duration of daylight. While at home, Megan is haunted by a spirit
that she believes Sofie is trying to communicate with her.
In its investigation, which suspects the strange Hick Leonard (R. Lee Ermey
) while snooping in her house, she is the image of the missing girl
Malin (Jenna Hildebrand) and reveals a dark secret about
the suicide of her sister.

The low-budget "Solstice" was a big surprise with a coherent story,
solid script and a good performance. The original story in
startles many times without gore, and the team of beautiful young actresses and handsome
has great actors and performances. I was hoping to see another
Slasher teen horror movie and found a pleasant surprise. My vote is

Title (Brazil): Not available

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