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(action, comedy, fantasy, horror)
Download Movie Evil Dead IIAsh - the sole survivor of the original 'Evil Dead' - returns with his girlfriend Linda to the remote cabin in the woods. He discovers a tape recorder that a professor had used to record incantations from the Necronomicon XMortis - the Book of the Dead. When he turns it on, the recording releases a dark, sinister force from the woods. It turns Linda into a zombie, her soul possessed by some hideous demon, and then tries to do the same to Ash. Other people come to help Ash, but one by one they are taken over by the Evil Dead force that also possesses Linda, the Professor, and the Professor's wife...and they try to make sure Ash is...Dead by Dawn!


Bruce Campbell as Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams
Sarah Berry as Annie Knowby
Dan Hicks as Jake
Kassie DePaiva as Bobbie Joe
Ted Raimi as Possessed Henrietta
Denise Bixler as Linda
Richard Domeier as Ed Getley
John Peaks as Professor Raymond Knowby
Lou Hancock as Henrietta Knowby
Snowy Winters as Dancer (dance sequence)
Sid Abrams as Fake Shemp
Josh Becker as Fake Shemp
Scott Spiegel as Fake Shemp
Thomas Kidd as Fake Shemp
Mitch Cantor as Fake Shemp
Sam Raimi

"The exorcism" made you feel respect and fear the Devil.
Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead II" mocks the devil and demonic possession. Although there are some scenes
really scared, there are some really funny twisted
situations that leave you wondering "what just f ***
Why? ". The film is fun for the wrong reasons. I finally
not laugh when a man is himself breaking dishes in the head.
I do not think it's fun when a man is beaten repeatedly by
grotesque characters. I never imagined a man getting eaten by a demon locked
under a cellar and pulling gallons of blood! "Evil Dead II" makes it
see hilarious in a kind of evil. For example, when the head of
Linda Ash said that "being tormented, and suffering in hell;
can feel a little scared, but the following scene has a headless corpse
the holding a chainsaw. There is no time for logic here, simply sit back and enjoy!

also has the ability to make you feel tense and I must say, scared. The combination
prove that they have people, bad sound (I love the noise
rare in the film), wicked laughter and singing ( "
dead by dawn!"), fearless and angles camera are the perfect ingredients for fazer a sui generis system Horror-Comedy film. Beware of the "Farewell to Arms
" joke, the whole situation with a bad hand and the eye that receives
a woman in the mouth!.

Sam Raimi goes too far for good reasons. He created an unbelievable and unforgettable
work he has served as inspiration for many films
in recent years. The film is easily one of the most visually impressive
Horror films of all time, certainly. Die Hard fans of gore to get a fresh eye
an hour and a half. Raimi created a cult movie in every sense
the world. "Groovy!". "Dead by Dawn" never gave
because in every scene there is a feeling of uncertainty and makes
is even more interesting. There are no rules here.

The plot is so frightening as can be imagined but is held in such a way that
is not taken very seriously. I mean, caused by demonic possession
the Necronomicon is something that happens in the real world. Not exactly
with this book but it can happen through books and Satanic rituals.
Raimi leads to a different level of humor mixed with blood.

Bruce Campbell deserves special mention. The emits an evil, solid,
and totally credible. Something that have not seen before
mainly because of the strange situation facing. His
performance could be described as a "solo". Easily, one of the best
performances by any actor in a horror movie. Moreover, one of the
characters who suffer most in any film! Ash is beaten by
demons, humans, objects, etc. Even possessed creatures tease him.

The gore here is great, glorious. You get decaps, mutilated bodies, a
hand cut, bleeding demons, etc. blood scattered throughout the cabin
is the common denominator. One of the goriest films of all time.

Watch "Evil Dead II" to witness one of the most creative, courageous, and
goriest films of all time. It offers something for everyone. It
action, gore, dramatic camera angles, and some action! Take a look at Ash
V.S. Henrietta possessed. * After it, phrases like "join us!", "Swallow
this! "and especially" groovy "is part of their daily vocabulary.

Recommended for all Horror fans in the world. This film is an obligation
How good is it? This movie means everything to me. It is the most perfect
horror: the experience every time you have. Entire trilogy
is great, but I must admit that this is my favorite. The first part is a
creepy exploitation pure and extremely violent horror film.
Army of Darkness (the weakest of the trilogy, but still quite good) is an impressive
horror / adventure film, with more laughter and less scares. Evil Dead 2
Dawn of the Dead is at the center, right where it belongs.
A perfect blend of comedy and horror! I remember the day I first looked
. I was with two friends. We rented our local store video
in the early afternoon. I laughed, I got scared, I have enjoyed every bit
second pass through the screen. We have seen that on four occasions. Since then,
never stopped looking. That was never old. I never bored. The yield
Bruce Campbell (Ash) is still the best I've ever seen in
a horror movie. Not surprisingly, Sam Raimi is now address
Spiderman series. This guy is a genius! The music is excellent, and
atmosphere ... What can I say? An impressive film is an impressive film.
If you never saw this movie, so you turn off your computer
at this time. Life is too short to not see Evil Dead 2!

Download Evil Dead II
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