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Download Movie You've Got MailKathleen Kelly, owner of a little and famous bookstore for children's books, has an affair. Being together with Frank Navasky, a well-known journalist, she betrays him by e-mailing secretly and anonymously with a (also betraying) man whom she met in a chat room. Suddenly, her business gets endangered by the opening of Fox Books discount store just "around the corner". She meets Joe Fox, son of the owner, and soon gets annoyed by his arrogant way of managing business matters. Although getting advice by her anonymous mail-pal, she has to close down her store. But Joe Fox's life suddenly gets out of control when he learns that his anonymous mail-pal is nobody other than Kathleen Kelly.


Tom Hanks as Joe Fox
Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly
Greg Kinnear as Frank Navasky
Parker Posey as Patricia Eden
Jean Stapleton as Birdie Conrad
Steve Zahn as George Pappas
Heather Burns as Christina Plutzker
Dave Chappelle as Kevin Jackson
Dabney Coleman as Nelson Fox
John Randolph as Schuyler Fox
Deborah Rush as Veronica Grant
Hallee Hirsh as Annabelle Fox
Jeffrey Scaperrotta as Matthew 'Matt' Fox
Cara Seymour as Gillian Quinn
Katie Finneran as the Nanny Maureen
Nora Ephron

... except for the fact that this film made me so happy! I am a big Tom Hanks fan
and collect all his films, and has been quite
time since I've seen a very good and his special film. He is just
that wonderful actor and Meg Ryan is just ... Well, it is so large
, always happy and when you're acting always makes me laugh, because
just so wonderful! Let's talk about this movie:
that I will be honest with you, this is not Forrest Gump or The Green Mile, but
is romantic, special, wonderful and made me smile and wish for them
To get together in the film, and in the end I was happy only then
before! I think it is undervalued, but everyone has a special flavor, and I loved
! I seriously recommend it to every Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
fan, will not regret! Thanks for your time.
If you've been reading the past three comments I made, this is the natural conclusion
reviewing the sequence. The shop around the corner, the old AT
summer, and she loves me all are based (in
central plot about two people disagree on the physical life, the fall in
love across the pen-pal in anonymity letters) in the Laszlo Miklos
Perfumeria. They all had their differences in a secondary plot dealing with jealousy
the owner of the store toward the hero (his closest
employee), bringing his shooting the hero because of a serious mistake
by the employer. This was altered and discarded in downtown
film, but resumed in the Kander and reflux music of the 1970s (
made in a television program version in 1978). But in reality the version that gave the
a real villain after shooting his last song, showing was down, but not
, and still find a way to obtain an undeserved

When Nora Ephron made her version of the work in this script,
jealousy angle was dumped, and the concentration was in the company
antagonism between the hero and heroine (in this case Tom Hanks as Joe Fox, and
Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly). Hanks and Ryan are not working at the same store
as James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan or
Van Johnson and Judy Garland did. Hanks works in a mega-bookstores (Fox Books), as
Barnes and Noble. Ryan runs a small shop neighborhood children's book,
called "the corner store" (Hanks is his task to
name, saying it can not be considered as a single corporate name).
Fox Books is moving into the neighborhood Ryans that the store is located, and she fights
is irresistible push - in vain as it is. After all not only
she is the loser, but members of his staff get Fox Books
as well.

There are other elements that do not fall within the
original version or the 1949 version. The protagonists do not write letters, but
are sending e-mails to each other. Times are changing, and
discovery of a small ad in the newspaper classified according to a pencil-PAL
was replaced by Ryan Fox accidentally meeting in
surfing the internet and finding a room chat (a scene we are told, but never see). In the 1949 film
Garland pursued (if you will - something weakly)
by Johnson's friend and fellow employees of Buster Keaton. Johnson was linked
(Garland) to a friend that the woman was a violinist. None
relationship is strong or the threat of eventual
Johnson-Garland relationship. However, for the first half of
YOU'VE GOT MAIL, Ryan is living with a self-righteous newspaper columnist (
Greg Kinnear), and Hanks is living with an egocentric editor (Parker Posey
). We hardly knew the families of Sullivan and Garland (
we saw an aunt or two that they lived with). Here we know that Ryan's mother is
dead, but his grandmother Birdie (Jean Stapleton)
is alive and thriving. In fact we learned bird is rich because of investment and stock
who once dated John Randolph, Hanks' grandfather. In fact, even
learn that Birdie romance one of the most interesting
political figures of 20th Century Europe. Hanks' family is too developed, beyond
Stewart'so Johnson's (or Ellis to the question). Besides Randolph
grandfather (about to marry), we see Hanks' father (Dabney Coleman
), which continues to operate through the wives and never find the
mate. Hank also meet the aunt and brother.

The film worked well again, and like the first pairs of couples
(Stewart and Sullivan, Johnson and Garland) had good chemistry, so did
Hanks and Ryan. This was his third film together (people forget that
JOE and the volcano first) and the second film (after sleeping in
Seattle) with Ephron at the helm. With all the modernization and changes
history, and nature stories, and assaults on the concept of
mega-stores (see the scene where Hanks heard an inept
seller in the children's book section), Epron managed to prove the old warhorse by Mr Laszlo
still had much juice on it to go down and with the public.
My guess is that as Lubitsch's original film is the final result will be a classic
version of the story. My question is what will be the next version is

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