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Download Movie Wayne's WorldWayne is still living at home. He has a world class collection of name tags from jobs he's tried, but he does have his own public access TV show. A local station decides to hire him and his sidekick, Garth, to do their show professionally and Wayne & Garth find that it is no longer the same. Wayne falls for a bass guitarist and uses his and Garth's Video contacts to help her career along, knowing that Ben Oliver, the sleazy advertising guy who is ruining their show will probably take her away from him if they fail.


Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell
Dana Carvey as Garth Algar
Rob Lowe as Benjamin Kane
Tia Carrere as Cassandra
Brian Doyle-Murray as Noah Vanderhoff
Lara Flynn Boyle as Stacy
Michael DeLuise as Alan
Dan Bell as Neil
Lee Tergesen as Terry
Kurt Fuller as Russell Finley
Sean Gregory Sullivan as Phil
Colleen Camp as Mrs. Vanderhoff
Donna Dixon as Dreamwoman
Frederick Coffin as Officer Koharski
Mike Hagerty as Davy
Penelope Spheeris

Penelope Spheeris (also on the decline of Western civilization and Suburbia Series
) was elected as director of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey
SNL's creation. This is the film that catapulted both comedians'
runs in the stratosphere. 1992 is an interesting time in
alternative rock history between the peak of grunge in 1991, and
from the ridge "punk revival" in 1994 with Green Day, Offspring and Rancid
. Wayne's World is demonstrated in this new "alternative rock", music
a concept that was at the time that is much more flexible now. Rife
with irony, alternative rock was the name given to music
mixing aspects of rock, metal, punk, pop and eclectic
"Curiosity". Although Wayne is the metal plus half the excellent duo,
Garth is the grunge / nerd / "punk" side of the equation.

Heavy metal rock and roll fandom provides the backdrop of a non-stop train wreck
of social satire. Only in 1992, and only Meyer and
Carvey genius of comedy could Aurora, Illinois never seemed so fresh.
Wayne's World, in the film plot, is the name of a cable access television
(dare I say "DIY") organized by Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar
. Rob Lowe plays Benjamin, an advertising scout / producer who is
looking for talent to promote a chain of video game arcade of shops. The
finds his muse in low compared witticism, signs quickly boys, and
sets them in a good television studio. One battle takes place between Ben
Wayne and for the affection of a hot-Cassandra (Tia Carrere)
that is easily lured away from Wayne in the first bloom of Benjamin's
bountiful extravagance. Wayne and Garth plans to recover Cassandra
culminate in the film's tripartite end.

"... with a revisionist underlying assumption that belied the film
emotional attachments to this matter ... "The film was truly entertaining
, capricious, and relevant. And to reassure Garth; No.
not suck.
Ask most men within a decade of my age, either in the direction of the list
100 best movie scenes of all time, and the scene from "Wayne's World"
Where they sing / lip sync Bohemian Rhapsody in order to be more
lists no. It could even make each list. It is not designed for
"critically acclaimed" snob whole, Wayne's World, the film adaptation of
the very popular Saturday Night Live skit with the same name, aims perfectly
its audience and even enter the water, let alone any
just jump sharks. The film is true to itself from start to finish

The cornerstone of the film, as well as the dramatization, is the uncompromising
friendship of Wayne and Garth. Most children have a best friend who
stands above all others, and there is no doubt that Wayne (
SNL alum Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey SNL alum) have such < br> friendship. The best friends host of a cable access show in Aurora, Illinois
also share the dramatization of the title. Other students SNL, as
Brian Doyle-Murray (Noah) and Chris Farley (a concert security guards), round
the cast.

The plot revolves around a television producer called opportunistic
Benjamin Kane (Rob Lowe), which, with funding from a arcade owner, becomes Wayne's
World slickly produced show in a national
causing it to lose contact with your audience, and causing friction between Wayne and Garth,
who feel they have sold their fans and their roots. A love interest
took to Wayne in the form of Cassandra (Tia Careers),
triangular shape because of the attention given to her by Kane and Wayne

The pop culture-Cuisinart responsible for most of the skits SNL
are working in overdrive in this movie, and that is good. All
of product placement, free sex, lame plot devices
Lampoon. Rob Lowe was excellent as the sleazeball junior
television executive, while cameos abound from the rock world, including
Alice Cooper and Meat Loaf. Although not disclosed as much as other
quotable of the film, my favorite scene was when Wayne and Garth
, which were each by parked cars, and Garth starts to whistle the theme
closure of Star Trek.

SNL-based films have been hit-or-lose since its inception, but this
was certainly a success.

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