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Download Movie Dan in Real LifeDan Burns is a single father who dedicates his life to his children, but one day he meets Marie at a bookstore. They get to know each other, but then Dan finds out that Marie is actually dating his brother, Mitch Burns.


Steve Carell as Dan Burns
Juliette Binoche as Marie
Dane Cook as Mitch Burns
Alison Pill as Jane Burns
Brittany Robertson as Cara Burns
Marlene Lawston as Lilly Burns
Dianne Wiest as Nana Burns
John Mahoney as Poppy Burns
Norbert Leo Butz as Clay Burns
Amy Ryan as Eileen
Jessica Hecht as Amy
Frank Wood as Howard
Henry Miller as Will
Ella Miller as Rachel
C.J. Adams as Elliott Burns
Peter Hedges

-- Could contain spoilers ... but believe me, this film itself
loot from start to finish.

I walked into this movie with great expectations. It's my own fault.
I had put too much stock in Steve Carell's record so far. 40-year-old
Virgin ... Little Miss Sunshine ... The Office. And I also made the mistake
coming to see IMDb and a 7.5 rating user before going to
the film. There has always been a very good predictor in the past, but
definitely something is out of recent times. The last time I felt this
shame and in this much pain in a cinema was watching "Blue Steel
" in 1990.

fumble This film from start to finish. The script was FLUNKY
material. Awful written everywhere. "Murderer of love"? "Love is a
capacity"? Who wrote this crap suffered the same affliction that struck
Beauty American writer (s) ... waaaaayyyyyy
trying too hard. The entire film was peppered with three moments of Company'ish
as the ugly and contrived shower scene. Or the pointless and confusing
aerobics scene. Or the terrible scene laundry room. Right when you think
something serious and / or property is about to happen, are thrown into one of these terrible moments
. And it happens over and over and over again.

And what is Carell, with his character? The boy meets some lame in a wide
bookstores and suddenly the head during heels in love? Let's face it. Their conversation
aspired. In both cases should have said goodbye of his
after a few minutes. Pay special attention to the initial conversation
when you have the misfortune to see this film ....
Carell's character is trying to say something that is totally random and
- funny (I think the exact line was "a time when I was a kid
" ... that is everything. seriously), but both are laughing so hard that
coffee is about to peak their noses. The players themselves seemed
who were in pain, wondering why they are targeting
what you're doing.

Go to the IMDb thing ... you guys need to find ways to maintain a
film's promotion team outside this site. I know it is impossible, but
is painfully obvious the first 20 or more grades and exams were well
posted by 12 years of age or FLUNKY's hired by the study. Check out
Family Stone's rating ... if it is a means 5, then this absolutely has to be a
2 ... and that is pushing.
The expectations were somewhat high for me when I went to see this movie, after all
I thought Steve Carell could do anything bad coming from outside
great films like Anchorman, The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Little Miss
Sunshine. Boy, was I wrong.

Let me begin with what is right with this movie: at certain points
Steve Carell is that they can be Steve Carell. There are a handful of
moments in the film that made me laugh, and is almost entirely due to be
given the wiggle room to do their thing. He is undoubtedly a talent
individual, and it is a pity that signed a
what turned out to be, in my view, a train wreck.

With that out of the way, I will discuss what went wrong horrifyingly.

The film begins with Dan Burns, a Widower, with three girls
being considered for a national syndicated advice column. The prepares its
girls for a family reunion, where his extended family to gather
some time with others.

The family is the top of the high list of things that make him a horrible
film. No family behaves in this way. It's almost as if they've been transported from Pleasantville
or leave Beaver. This is a
caricature of what we believe is a family when we are 7. It reaches the point where
become uncomfortable and simply frustrating. Touch
football competitions crossword puzzle, family bowling, and talent
not shown how real people behave. It's almost sickening.

Another major flaw is Carell's wife is supposed to be for the fall.
observers in his first scene with Steve Carell is like watching a
stroke victim trying to be rehabilitated. What I imagine is supposed to be unique and original
this woman comes out as slightly retarded.

It makes me think that this film takes place on another planet.
I left the theater wondering what I just saw. After thinking beyond, I think that
was not much.

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